Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Post 5] Choosing a Style

Choosing a mode of visual appeal is difficult. Graphs will play a pivotal role in allowing users to track their progress on a certain goal. Deciding on a visual mode is difficult, "Should there be multiple graphs for different goals?" "Can one graph visualize information effectively for any scenario? If so, what form will it take? Bar, line, or circle graph? With the aim of being unique, the form each graph(s) will take is being augmented. How far can a graph of information be pushed before the content is distorted. End the end, simple may be better, with a strong visual mode attached.

With the Hub portion coming together in a rather speedy fashion, there are a few properties that will have to accounted for. Should the system function independent from the app? & How much should the community aspect be integrated into the hub, or should it function as a piece of the whole? But when considering the scenarios that are taking shape, it may not matter one way or another.

[Scenario 1] Creating an account & Starting a goal
[Scenario 2] Using the Any Goal app to log stats
[Scenario 3] Completing a goal & Creating a testimonial

As of now Guillermo, "the scenario guy," never actually takes advantage of the community (person to person) aspect. On the other hand he does utilize the hub as a tool and in the end creates a testimonial of his own, that others have the privileged of viewing as a success.

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